Transitions at Bidwell Advisors

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Drawing on over 25 years of experience in real estate and non-profit management and development, Dennis Bidwell formed BIDWELL ADVISORS in 2001 to provide a range of real estate  services to non-profit organizations, private property owners and professional advisors. Specializing in charitable gifts of real estate, the firm operates nationally, with an emphasis on clients in the Northeast.

Typical Real Estate Gift Consulting Engagement

A typical engagement for Bidwell Advisors with a non-profit organization seeking to increase the quantity and the quality of its real estate gifts includes review of gift acceptance policies, real estate gift training, marketing advice, and much more.  Learn more…

Real Estate Gift Services

Real estate holdings make up 30% to 40% of the assets of most families facing estate planning, retirement, and charitable decisions. Over the next 50 years decisions will be made regarding the transfer of from $12 trillion to $16 trillion of real estate assets in this country.
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Services For Private Property Owners and Their Professional Advisors

As the population ages, private property owners and their family members are facing decisions about the future of their real estate holdings – vacation properties, second and third homes, investment properties, inherited farms and ranches, principal residences, etc.
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Strategic and Development Planning Services for Non-Profit Managers

Are you pondering new strategic directions for your organization? Are you wondering about the advantages of conceptualizing and launching a capital campaign? Do you have questions about the appropriateness of your organizational structure or your board composition?
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Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Services

Budget crises, reorganizations, downsizings, expansions and other times of opportunity and challenge require non-profit property managers to think strategically about their real estate needs and their real estate holdings.
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Conservation Real Estate Services

Real estate law and the Internal Revenue Code provide a range of tools to address the conservation objectives of owners of significant land and of historic properties.
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