I am now providing my real estate gift documents, articles and presentations for general use

Dear friends and colleagues,

As I have previously written, I am stepping away from the real estate gift consulting practice I have developed, and thoroughly enjoyed, over the last seventeen years at Bidwell Advisors. Allen Thomas of Thomas Charitable Advisors has very ably stepped in to serve my clients. He is very well qualified to meet the real estate gift consulting needs of any organization seeking such assistance.

I have decided to make available to fellow practitioners the bulk of the material I have developed over the course of my practice. (Many of these materials will also be available through the website of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners.)

On my greatly expanded Resources page you will now find a wide range of articles, sample documents, sample financial spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, as well as links to related websites.

Here are links to these documents by category:

You may feel free to use these materials as you wish. I would only ask that you acknowledge their source.

Where I am providing sample documents like gift acceptance letters, please note that I do not consider these to be “boilerplate” documents. Rather, these documents were developed in the context of specific real estate gift transactions. They can be adapted to other situations, so long as care is taken to carefully revise them to fit specific facts and circumstances. As we all know, no two real estate gift transactions are alike.

Similarly, the sample real estate gift acceptance policy I provide, and related documents, were developed for the specific circumstances of individual organizations. They should be considered only as starting points for the process of carefully tailoring documents to fit other unique organizational situations.

I hope these materials will be of use in generating and completing millions of dollars of real estate gifts in the years ahead, for the benefit of donor and recipient alike. And I hope they will serve the broader purpose of continuing to expand the use of gifts of real estate as an essential component of more and more fundraising operations and of more and more philanthropic and estate plans.


Dennis Bidwell