Transitions at Bidwell Advisors

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

I wanted to share with you the news that the time has come for me to transition away from the work of Bidwell Advisors. l look forward to having more time for my family (which now includes a one-year old granddaughter), my work as a Northampton City Councilor and political activist, travel and a range of projects that await.

It was in September, 2001 – seventeen years ago – that I formed Bidwell Advisors as a consulting practice focused on real estate giving, the developing area of philanthropy where real estate and planned giving intersect. I’m very pleased with how my practice, and the field of real estate gifts in general, have developed over these past seventeen years.

I’ve loved the creativity of the work and the great pleasure of assisting many wonderful institutions and talented professional colleagues.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of helping individuals and their families discover charitable capacity in their real estate holdings – capacity that that they would never have thought possible – leading to very significant donations to non-profits doing excellent and important work.

I’m feeling very comfortable about this transition because I’m fortunate to have a trusted and experienced colleague to whom I am referring most of my clients. Allen Thomas, JD, CFRE, CAP, of Thomas Charitable Advisors, recently left his post as Vice President of Advancement at The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA to establish his own consulting firm. As an attorney who holds the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP) designation, Allen brings a tremendous breadth of experience to the field of real estate giving.

Over these years, while working with hundreds of clients of all sizes and shapes, and while helping to convert private real estate wealth in every conceivable form into hundreds of millions of charitable dollars, I’ve developed a great deal of material – a wide range of boilerplate documents, training materials, financial worksheets, property checklists, articles, blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

I have decided to donate this extensive material to the National Association of Gift Planners. CGP, and its network of affiliated planned giving groups around the country, have been instrumental in my own professional development and in the education and network-building of gift planning professionals around the country. These materials will be made available to professionals and donors alike as part of CGP’s new Essential Assets for Charitable Giving project, a collection of resources organized by asset type.

I’ll miss the work and the association with so many wonderful people, but the time has come to make a shift in priorities.

I hope our paths will cross in the future.



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