Services For Private Property Owners and Their Professional Advisors

As the population ages, private property owners and their family members are facing decisions about the future of their real estate holdings – vacation properties, second and third homes, investment properties, inherited farms and ranches, principal residences, etc. A wide range of property disposition options is available in such situations, with the availability of carefully-crafted solutions designed to fit particular estate and tax planning circumstances, retirement income needs, charitable and conservation desires, the wishes of children and grandchildren, etc. Unfortunately, many private property owners get no further on the menu of options than “list and sell,” even if this “path of least resistance” solution doesn’t take into account their particular circumstances.

Bidwell Advisors works with such families, either directly or in tandem with their attorney, CPA or financial advisor, to explore a range of property disposition approaches with the aim of crafting a solution best-suited to the particular owner’s objectives and circumstances. Often this process yields solutions with charitable, and sometimes conservation, outcomes not initially thought possible.

Dennis Bidwell has been an enormous help to me and my siblings by clearly explaining the complex procedures and options for land management, conservation and family planning decisions we are considering for three properties that have been owned by our family for decades.

Al Griggs, A. L. Griggs Industries

Analysis of holdings and options

  • Review a family’s property holdings, analyzing development potentials, conservation options, management and stewardship approaches, and possible charitable structures.
  • Work with large families to develop solutions for their real estate holdings that address a range of financial, retirement planning, tax planning, conservation and charitable objectives.
  • Facilitate  family meetings designed to tackle sensitive issues concerning the future of family properties.

Real estate gift services

  • Develop for private property owners and their families a range of potential charitable approaches involving their real estate holdings.
  • Conduct a financial analysis of various property disposition alternatives, taking into account the tax benefits of charitable approaches.
  • Help families to evaluate the effectiveness of various potential non-profit recipients of real estate gifts.
  • Work with professional advisors and non-profit organizations to structure such real estate gift arrangements as:
    • outright gift
    • bargain sale
    • charitable remainder trust
    • charitable lead trust
    • charitable gift annuity
    • retained life estate/remainder interest
  • Manage the property disposition process

Other real estate services for private property owners and their professional advisors

  • Help developers of property to develop limited development, conservation-oriented, and “smart growth” solutions to development challenges.
  • Provide workshops, speeches, and training for estate planning councils, planned giving groups, bar associations, etc. on topics pertaining to real estate gift options and conservation real estate transactions.
  • Assist attorneys, financial planners, CPAs and realtors in reviewing real estate options for their clients.
  • Help advisors analyze and recommend various real estate gift options for their clients.
  • Coordinate due diligence investigations, e.g. environmental assessments, title searches, appraisals, marketability analyses, etc.
  • Help advisors evaluate the merits of potential non-profit recipients of their clients’ real estate gifts.