Strategic and Development Planning Services for Non-Profit Managers

Busy managers of today’s non-profit organizations – consumed with personnel matters, budgets, board and committee meetings, crisis management – seldom have the opportunity to push back from the desk and ponder looming big questions.

  • Do we really know what we want this organization to look like in five years? Do we know how we’ll get there?
  • How would we measure our success in moving along that path?
  • Do we have the necessary resources to achieve our goals? Are we taking advantage of all the tools in the fundraising toolbox, including planned gifts and gifts of real estate?
  • Do we have the right organizational structure in place to achieve the goals we envision?
  • Do we have a clearly defined role for our Board of Directors, and do we have the board composition to accomplish this role? Do we all agree on what that role is, and is not?
  • Would there be advantages to conceptualizing some of our resource needs as a “campaign”?
  • How would we set a goal for such a campaign, and how would we test the feasibility of that goal?
  • Do we need a fresh look at our development operations before considering such a campaign?
  • Should we be considering greater collaboration with other organizations, or possibly even a merger?

Bidwell Advisors can assist you in addressing these important questions. Dennis Bidwell has more than 30 years’ experience in non-profit management and development and can provide the perspective and coaching needed to help your organization reach its goals.  Bidwell Advisors can bring in professional colleagues, as needed, to form the right team for your situation.

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